12Jul, 2021

Projektleuchten – goes green

Our company is expanding again. Construction work
on our new production hall began several weeks ago. In the new building, value is placed in many ways on energetically sensible, sustainable and environmentally friendly technology, which significantly reduces the
CO2 balance. The roof of the building will be equipped with a PV system that supplies the hall with its own solar power. Transports between the old and the new production facility will be carried out with a electric vehicle. The construction is going to establish new growth prospects for our company and more space for a […]

30Apr, 2021

RJR – the new high-end downlights

RJR – a new, high-precision downlight reflector family was developed to complement the RMJ reflectors and is now in our collection. The variety of glare-free reflectors, optionally supplemented by a darklight ring, allows lighting and color mixing at the highest level in different room heights. The possible uses are high-quality sales rooms, the hotel and catering industry, right through to computer workstations in the office. The reflectors are available with 2 × 25 °, 2 × 35 °, 2 […]

17May, 2018

RMJ Reflector

The new RMJ-downlight series which has been presented at the light & building 2018 is ready.

At the first stage, we launched fixed and tiltable versions with 2×25°, 2×35° and 2×45° beam angle and one asymetrical wallwasher-reflector. All models are available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 4500K and tunable-white.

You can find an overview about the RMJ Downlight here.